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Getting a divorce is an emotional process, but you still have to be smart about the decisions you make along the way. At the Law Office of Steven Cole, we walk our clients through the steps they need to take in order to start separating their lives and setting boundaries with their ex-partner. These boundaries will give the judge a more clear picture of each individual’s finances and contributions when going through the court process.

Minor Children

One of the most emotional parts of any separation is preparing for the new parenting arrangement. You need to get informed about your state’s custody process and begin creating a proposed custody plan, including each parent’s visitation with the children, holiday, and school break schedules.

Child support is also a big issue. Begin considering whether you will need to pay or receive child support after the divorce. If you need child support while the divorce is pending, and your spouse won’t agree to pay it, you can ask the court for a temporary support order.

Get Your Own Bank Account

Most couples have joint checking and savings accounts, but when you are separating you will want to open an account in just your name only. Establishing a new bank account will help you keep track of your finances. It’s important that you do not move your income into your new account until your lawyer or the judge tells you to. If you do this prematurely it can have a negative effect on the courts.

Protect Your Information

In a divorce, each spouse will try and build a case against the other. This may mean snooping through various email and social media accounts. We always recommend our clients change any and all passwords to their accounts. Also, make sure your information is removed from the cloud if you share a phone plan. This also pertains to the mail. If you will not have a secure mailbox, you may need to obtain a temporary P.O. Box to store any mailed correspondence between you and your attorney.

Decide Your Living Arrangements

If living together isn’t an option, you will need to decide which spouse will remain in the home while the divorce is pending in court. If you can’t agree, this is something the judge will need to rule on, and having an experienced attorney is extremely helpful. As a general rule, if there are minor children, the primary caretaker of the children will remain in the home to ensure stability for them.


Going through the divorce process is complicated. Each decision you make can have a positive or negative effect on the court. You need someone with experience guiding you through these important decisions and making sure the steps you take in your divorce are helping you when building your case.  If you are considering a divorce or are currently in the divorce process contact the Law Office of Steven Cole. We will discuss your case and see if we are the right law office to represent you.