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Common Divorce Mistakes

Going through a divorce is one of the most stressful things a person goes through in their life. It is both emotionally draining and creates financial uncertainty. How you play your cards in a divorce can drastically determine the judge’s decisions. The mistakes below are common mistakes our clients have made before hiring us. You don’t want to make mistakes in your divorce. That is why you need an experienced team to advise you through the process.

Mistake #1 – Using the Divorce for Revenge

The reason for your divorce may be a painful one. This may make it enticing to make the divorce process painful for your ex-partner. From trying to prolong the case to fighting for assets, there are a lot of ways you can make the divorce proceedings more difficult. While this may provide some initial satisfaction, using the court to try to get revenge isn’t a good idea. It will significantly increase the cost of the divorce, the judge may see through it and reward your ex-partner, and the lengthy proceedings may end up impacting your children. It is best to be reasonable, and leave your revenge at the door.

Mistake #2 – Lying in Court

Lying or withholding information in court is the worst thing you can do for your case. If the judge feels like they can’t trust you then they will most likely rule in favor of your ex-partner. Do not hide or fail to disclose any marital assets as you proceed with your divorce. Be honest, transparent, and direct with the judge and your attorney. However, make sure your attorney is aware of everything before it is presented to the court.

Mistake #3 – Not Thinking Clearly

Divorce triggers a lot of emotions, and when you are too emotional you don’t always make rational decisions. During these emotional times. you have to take a moment to do what is necessary to regain a logical perspective. Having a trusted divorce attorney can help you avoid this detrimental divorce mistake. At The Law Office of Steven N Cole, we advise our clients on what we think is best and allow them time to process what they want to do. We make sure our clients are thinking clearly when they make a decision and explain to them the pros and cons of their choices, so they fully understand the impact it will have on their case and life moving forward.

Mistake #4 – Not Retaining an Experienced Divorce Attorney

The single biggest divorce mistake people can make is not putting their case in the hands of an experienced divorce attorney. Having someone who is skilled represent you will help you avoid making divorce mistakes, protect your interests, and help you resolve your divorce as efficiently as possible.

Contact The Law Office of Steven N Cole at (480) 333-5588 to speak with an experienced Phoenix lawyer. We want to ensure you aren’t making any divorce mistakes, and are putting yourself in the best position to get the most favorable outcome possible.