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With the divorce rate hovering around the 50 percent mark in the United States, more couples are turning towards counseling to help cope with divorce. Divorce counseling also called divorce therapy, is a fairly new concept in the mental health field, and is a therapeutic process for those who are either contemplating divorce, going through a divorce or still suffering feelings of pain or humiliation from a divorce. A divorce counselor can assist in helping an individual grow personally and adjust to life during and after divorce.

When you begin to think your marriage is heading in the wrong direction and you feel you need to share your feelings of sorrow, grief or anger with someone, that’s a good time to look for an experienced divorce counselor. A divorce counselor can help you understand your reactions during and after the divorce process. Not only can a counselor help you share your reactions and express your feelings in the best positive manner, he can help in identifying your feelings related to your spouse, family members and even the institution of marriage itself.

By teaching individuals and couples to manage anger, frustration, feelings of loss, and by assisting in strengthening communications and negotiation skills, counseling can either help a couple contemplating divorce work through their problems and make their marriage work, or assist the couples who decide to divorce, go through a divorce with more amicable feelings.

When looking for a divorce counselor, always choose a licensed mental health professional, which will help ensure they have the necessary education, qualities, and experience to practice in the state in which you reside. You also need to make sure you are comfortable talking with a counselor and choose one who you will feel at ease sharing your feelings and personal life without any hesitations. When you have chosen well, your divorce counselor will help you end your marriage with dignity and respect.