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When working through a divorce, no one wants the details of their private lives revealed and in cases of high net worth, maintaining privacy can be especially challenging. Couples are often active members within their community and private details which surface during a divorce have the potential to irrevocably damage personal and business relationships. At the Law Office of Steven N. Cole, LLC, we understand the importance of maintaining confidentially and there are several steps which spouses can take in order to preserve as much of their privacy as possible.

When concerns regarding confidentially are at the forefront of a divorce, it can be in the best interests of all parties to handle proceedings as quickly and quietly as possible. Many divorcing couples can harbor feelings such as anger and distrust which make cooperation difficult, but an amenable solution such as mediation can keep your private life out of the courtroom. All proceedings which take place in mediation are private and must legally be kept confidential. Securing the services of a skillful mediator will also be more cost-effective and time efficient than when cases go to trial.

While a lawyer can help to protect your privacy during legal processes, there are steps individuals can take to protect privacy at home. Assume that once a piece of information has been shared, it is a matter of public record. This is especially true in online communities where interested parties are likely to save past records. If a case goes to trial, private digital records may also be subject to scrutiny. Online data such as emails, may be revealed in court by order of a judge and used against you. Information, once shared, tends to circulate quickly and you must take extra care when divulging personal information in social and online communities.

Confidential Legal Advocacy:

When selecting legal representation for a divorce, you need a family law attorney who is well versed in the complexities of high net worth divorce cases. At the Law Office of Steven N. Cole LLC, our Phoenix divorce attorney will do everything in their power to protect your interests while maintaining the utmost discretion. When your future is on the line, we will fight to make sure you receive fair compensation and protect what is yours.

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